កំប្លែងពាក់មីសើចចង់រឹងពោះ • រឿង​ យក្សកាន់សីល (2755 views)

Bamboo Train is the most tourist attraction in Battambang province. There are many international and local tourists await for their turns to try on the bamboo trains as you can see in this video. We have to wait for over an hour but still not available. it's lucky that we know a tour guide, who talked to his customers "foreign tourists" to let us go on a bamboo train with them or we don't know when we can have a bamboo train. We went there nearly 2 years ago, there're about 10 bamboo trains but now there are about 30 bamboo trains but still can't afford a large amount tourists who want to try this travel. People heard from the news that the government will rebuild a new railroad right here in 2 months so there will be no more bamboo in the future, that's why people want to try it the last time. Have you tried the bamboo train?

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